We represent the Lollipop Guild, weekly in the top 40 for crowns and one of only (36) guilds in the world to complete the original Shadow Queen Daeris (VH) Challenge!

All Lollipop Guild members are expected to collect at least (180) crowns every week. This is prorated of course for anyone coming on after the tourney has already started for the week. Also anyone who hasn't been online for one or more days may be kicked at anytime for inactivity.

Line Chat App

We are currently use the free LINE chat app instead of the in game guild chat.

It works on iOS, Android, Windows phone OS and PC platforms and only displays your username just like the in game chat. Plus:

* No more waiting in the game chat for one of us to come online.

* No more missing messages that have already scrolled off the screen.

* Able to upload screen shots and view/reply to chats even outside of the game.

* Spell check and much more!


1) Download the free LINE app from your iOS or Android app store and install it.

2) Create a new account using a phone number or FaceBook login and use the same username as on DB as your "display name".

3) Once installed contact us at Line ID: mrbuckaroobonsai

Please keep the language and all content rated PG-13 to accommodate our diverse group. Use of any negative language, "trolling", or disrespectful comments in general will get you banned. Let's keep this professional!

Welcome to the Official Lollipop Guild Website